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Roof rack install - now we have eyebrows :-)

Total time taken: 3 hours (not in a crazy rush) and finished just on dinner time.

Effort: 'man' (me), and two kids - my son Ned (13), doing pretty much everything I would and my daughter Claudia. Great kids - so helpful and persistant.

Part: The "Kings" platform roof rack - I think $1,100 ish.

My overall sense is that it's solid and durable - nothing about it felt like cheap plastic. There's guide rails too for plugging in accessories or tie down points. I'm sure I can pick them up on eBay or back to

There's not much more to report except for the fact that the car now looks like it should be in the bush and/or for touring - no confusion. And there's now eyebrows - ever seen a person without them? :-)

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